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With the closing of Andre Kole’s ministry I’m transitioning to another Cru ministry – one that I’m now just as excited about – working with international students at Arizona State University. I have made a lateral move to the Bridges International ministry. Bridges seeks to reach out to the future leaders of other nations while they are right here in our own backyard. ASU had over 12,000 international students last year – a highly strategic mission field, wouldn’t you agree?

The key to reaching these students is relationship, and Bridges attempts to build relationships with internationals through the following Four S’s:

  • Social Connections: Creating an environment that becomes a home away from home where students connect with other people from both the United States and every corner of the world.
  • Service Opportunities: Serving the students and equipping them to serve others. Bridges offers a variety of services to students, from airport pick-ups to help with their English. But they don’t want it to stop here. They want to give the students opportunities to serve others too.
  • Spiritual Conversations: Though open to students from any religious or non-religious background, Bridges offers opportunities for them to explore the Bible and understand Jesus Christ in a safe environment.
  • Student Leadership: Bridges International seeks to equip students to be global leaders – helping them lead other people, both during their studies and later in life.
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