Birthday Party for Jesus

The Saturday before Christmas Sheila and I participated with a few other ladies from our church to put on a Birthday Party for Jesus at a park near where one of them lives. This was motivated by the sad realization the most kids today only know Christmas to be about gifts and Santa.Overview

The children played games, did a craft, and ate birthday cake; all assisted by Santa’s helper elves (some pictured below).

Santa's Helpers

Rachael Andrewson-Bodine, Sheila, Sherry Brower

I helped out by impersonating Santa and doing a magic show. The show concluded with Santa telling the children about why we celebrate Christmas and how it started – and continues – as a celebration of Jesus’ birth.Santa's Magic

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One thought on “Birthday Party for Jesus

  1. This is a wonderful idea. I am so glad to know that you are reaching the young ones. It is great that you and Sheila (and others) can do this together.

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