Family Update

In response to a request to get an update on the family; here it is.

Greenwood children at CFA 09-27-13The Kids
This photo of the young’ns at work was taken this weekend. Hannah is the trainer at the Mesa Riverview Chick-fil-A. Additionally she works for CFA Corporate, which takes her to their headquarters in Atlanta one to two times a month to do trainings there. Joshua (middle in the photo), has been working at the Mesa Riverview store since he has been old enough to be hired; originally as the cow mascot, and now also as a counter clerk, overseeing the seating area, and most recently the drive through window. Caleb also started working at CFA as soon as he was old enough; first as the cow, some as a counter clerk, and mostly as kitchen staff. For the last couple of years he has moved on to working with an audio-visual company which provides services to hotel conferences and events. But last month he quit in order to move to Flagstaff to attend Northern Arizona University. He continues to support himself by doing video production, and that brings us to this, now becoming rare, photo of all of them together.

The owner of the Mesa Riverview Chick-fil-A is opening a new store in Tempe, and he has commissioned Caleb to document the construction process via photos and video. So, Friday, Caleb was in town to record more progress and stopped by the Riverview store where Hannah and Joshua just happened to be on shift.

The Wife
After taking a couple of years off, Sheila has begun helping out again with the Children’s ministry at church. And she is still managing the two houses the church maintains for use by global outreach workers when they are in town. Lately that has involved mowing the lawns, due to one being vacant, and the occupant of the other being highly allergic to grass. I had no idea when we got married that my wife would actually ENJOY mowing grass, so over the years I’ve learned to force myself to leave the mowing at home for her to do.

The Self
I have been sorting through the 50 hours of interview footage we have taken for the Supernatural Project documentary movie, identifying sections that may be useful to include in the feature. I also continue to put time in, out in the shop, building Three Ball Gospel Illustrations to fill the orders that keep coming in from Christian magicians around the country and throughout the world. I have intentions of writing up and illustrating some do-it-yourself instructions for those who have the skills and equipment to make their own.

And finally, a prayer request. Please pray for effective treatment for intermittent back pain I’m experiencing as a result of loading equipment for one of Andre’s shows back in July. I’ve been prescribed three weeks of physical therapy and so far, after one week of therapy, I’ve not noticed any improvement.

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