Assisting at the Merchant Marine Academy

I just about forgot to tell about this. Back in September I was invited out to New York by my good friend Mike Lawrence to assist him with a program he had for the midshipmen at the Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York. Mike_lawrence_ticket


Mike has a big heart for evangelism, and as a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, he has a special affinity for those in the military. In fact, the first program I assisted him with was several years ago at Scott AFB, near St. Louis. In fact, our oldest son, Caleb went with me to help with that one, too.


Mike loves people, and that is evident when he is on stage. He has invested in quality props and presents excellent illusions, but I believe when people leave from his shows it is not the props and tricks they remember, but him and the heart-felt message he shares. This is one of the reasons I’m happy to help him whenever the opportunity arises.

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