Show for Luke Air Force Base

In September I helped Andre with his show hosted by the chaplains at Luke Air Force Base. The stage set up was a challenge, as it was small, and has a large movie screen structure permanly built-in about 5 feet from the back wall, taking up a good amount of space we would otherwise make use of. But with creative prop management (ie. shuffeling arround) and stacking cases in out of the way crannies, the show went off without complications (as far as the audience was aware).

Typically we are able to get some props packed during the show, which saves a lot of time afterwords, but that was not an option here. It only set back the load-out by an hour or so.

But all the effort was well rewarded as, of the approximate 250 in attendance, 41 indicated that they prayed to receive Christ when Andre gave them the opportunity to do so after his gospel persentation! I should be used to it, but I continue to be amazed at how I’ve seen God work through Andre’s programs for the past 3 decades that I’ve been co-laboring with him, and Him.

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