A Few Quotes

Following are a few quotes from the interveiws I’ve been editing recently.

James Randi on being fooled: “I run into people all the time – they think that they’re so smart that they can’t be fooled.  Not all of them are PhDs, incidentally, but they just think, ‘Oh no, I don’t get fooled by things like that.’ Yeah.”

Pop Haydn on Deception: “A magician and a charlatan wear the same mask, you know. They’ll pretend to be a sorcerer or something, but the difference is the magician is always taking the mask off and winking at you and then putting it back on, and the charlatan wants the mask to be on there forever – he doesn’t ever want you to discover that he’s not who he’s claiming to be.”

Don Wayne on Supernatural Phenomonon: “Well, I generally don’t believe in that. However, I did have an experience. I moved into a house and so I was sleeping the first night in the house. And I laid down on the bed, and the bed came with the house. And so, I had fallen asleep, then I wake up and look over at the doorway, and there is a man standing there. And I like, jumped out of the bed and to the other side of the room and look up and the man’s gone. I am thinking, “Was I dreaming”, but…. And so now I have to go look through the house to see if anyone was there. And so now, I’m, “Oh gosh”, and so I look and I can’t find anything. The doors are locked. Couldn’t – didn’t hear anyone leave. Didn’t hear.. and, but it’s as real… It was… Seeing him. I saw… couldn’t see a face, it was, the hall light was on, so I saw him back lit. But it’s as real as looking at you. So, what was it? Was it a dream? Or was it a ghost? Don’t know.”


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