The Supernatural Presentation

Last week I gave a new performance for the eXtra Years of Zest group at church. New in that it was themed on the supernatural, and I did some new effects which simulated having mental powers such as the ability to predict the future, and read the minds of audience members. The take-away was that one’s worldview is what determines how they interpret what they see. For this purpose I have distilled worldviews down to three types: Continue reading

VBS on the Navajo Reservation

The last week in June, Sheila, Joshua and I participated with about 10 other families in taking a Vacation Bible School program to the Navajo Nation in the Four Corners area. VBS 2013 054-reducedThis year there were 128 kids who attended. Many were returning from previous years, and all seemed to have a good time learning about the armor of God. Sheila oversaw the meals for our whole team of (number) for the week we were together. Joshua helped with leading the game times. And I worked with the Jr and Sr High age group, accompanying them through the different stations: snack, craft, Bible room… looking for opportunities to interact with them on spiritual subjects.

In an Off-Broadway Show

In a previous post I told you about Mike Lawrence, the magician in New York whom I occasionally help with his programs. In April I flew out to help him with another set of shows, in a church in downtown Manhattan. If you accept the definition of Off-Broadway to be “referring to the location of a venue and its productions on a street intersecting Broadway in Manhattan’s Theater District”, then I was in an Off-Broadway show. (That was the original definition, which has since been revised to be more restrictive. Bummer.)

Craig setting up with Mike Lawrence

Craig setting up with Mike Lawrence

Continue reading

1,707 Gospel Illustrations Sent Out – So Far…

in wood shop  making crosses for the 3 ball gospel illustration

Making a batch of crosses for Three-Ball Gospel Illustrations

I just tallied up how many of the various sizes of the Three-Ball Gospel Illustration and Pocket Gospel Illustrations I’ve made and shipped out.

We started counting in January, 1998 – just over 15 years ago, and the current total is 1,707. On average, that’s over 100 a year. Most have been sent to addresses in the United States – many to be taken on trips overseas, but over 100 have been sent directly to 29 other countries.

Are you encouraged to hear this? I know I am!

A Few Quotes

Following are a few quotes from the interveiws I’ve been editing recently.

James Randi on being fooled: “I run into people all the time – they think that they’re so smart that they can’t be fooled.  Not all of them are PhDs, incidentally, but they just think, ‘Oh no, I don’t get fooled by things like that.’ Yeah.” Continue reading

The Supernatural Project – a documentary framed around Andre Kole

Subtitled “What Do You Believe”, and dealing with 3 aspects of Andre’s character: the inventor, the skeptic, and the believer.

The 2 minute and 45 second promo which I have been editing, for what seems like forever, is finally finished. It is a rather complictaed, motion graphic driven, compositon which I can’t wait to show you – but I’ll have to wait anyway. We have decided to keep it underground for a while as we show it to some other potential big names in hopes of enticing them to participate as interviewees. We have commitments from some of the biggest names in illusion shows, but I don’t want to disclose them before we have them “in the can”. All I can say is that I intend to take another trip to Las Vegas as soon as the details are worked out.